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Analytics - Returns Summary


The Returns Summary Analytics Report offers valuable insights to help businesses analyze various aspects of their returns process, including the volume of returns initiated or canceled, the number of items exchanged, and provider cost per return.

Navigate to Analytics > Advanced Analytics > Right Arrow > Returns Summary

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Returns Summary Page:

mceclip10.png Total Returns - The number of returns the graphs feature, based on filters selected
mceclip10.png Value of Returns Completed - The total monetary value of completed returns
mceclip10.png Total Exchanges - The total number of items exchanged by customers
mceclip10.png Total Cancelled Returns  - The total number of canceled returns
mceclip10.png Average Provider Cost per Return - The average cost of a return, based on the provider
mceclip10.png Return Volume over time - The total volume of returns, depicted on a graph, based on a selected date
mceclip10.png % of Returns  - The percentage of returns by return reason, return method, and refund method
mceclip10.png % of Returns by Top 5 - The percentage of returns by Top 5 returned SKUs and product categories
mceclip10.png % of Returns by Top 5 Locations - The percentage of returns by Top 5 locations

Fields & Controls

Time Filters - Filter orders by Year, Quarter, Month, or Customer Date Range
Order Filters - Filter orders by Order Type, State, City, or Return Location
Provider - Filter orders by Delivery Service Provider used

mceclip10.png Hovering over any of the filters will make a pop-up box appear with the following options:

 Filters on Visual - Shows filters that affect the filter you are hovering over.

 Focus Mode - Shows data in an isolated view of the filter or graph selected. Use the Back to Report button to return to the original layout.

 More Options - A drop-down menu with additional options

 Export Data -  Export Data from the report.
 Show As a Table - View data from the filter or graph in table format.
Spotlight - Grays out everything except the specific filter or graph being viewed.
Get insights -
Sort axis - Sort data in ascending or descending order. Flip the axis for a different view.

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