How to Log into the Help Center How to Log into the Help Center

How to Log into the Help Center

Navigate to  Delivery Solutions Help Center

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*Note - Sign in information for DS portal is different from sign in for Help Center. Only use your work domain email address. No personal emails will be saved.*

How to Log into the Help Center

mceclip10.png Step 1. Fill in user email address in the field under "Email".

*Note - This will be your work domain email. No personal emails can be used.
mceclip10.png Step 2. Fill in user password in the field under "Password".

mceclip10.png Step 3. Click Sign in button.

Alternatively: Sign in with Google

mceclip10.png Step 1. Click on "Sign in with Google" button.

mceclip10.png Step 2. Click on the associated Google account

Welcome to the Help Center

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