How to Search for Help Center Articles How to Search for Help Center Articles

How to Search for Help Center Articles

Navigate to  Delivery Solutions Help Center

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How to Search for Help Center Articles

mceclip10.png Step 1. Type in the search bar to find detailed articles about the DS platform, modules, tool functions, tutorials, analytic reports, and the answers to users' frequently asked questions. 

 *Note* The top article results that most closely match what you are looking for will populate below the search bar. You can click the blue title to go directly to that article.

mceclip10.png Step 2. Click the Submit button to search for an article.

mceclip10.png Step 3. The page will show the number of articles resulting from the search. Click on the Title of the article to view it.

Each gray block represents a result and details:

Title of the article
How it is labeled in our Help Center
The location in the article where the search found your keywords
Number of comments submitted

mceclip10.png Step 4. Scroll down to view the complete article.

mceclip10.png Step 5. At the bottom of the article will be a one-click survey.

Click No and you will be redirected to a ticket that you can submit to our support team for more direct help with your request.

Click Yes if the article met your needs.

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